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Thanks a lot, BDubs.

Back in the beginning of February, I stepped off a curb badly and sprained my ankle and tore the small tendons next to the Achilles. I didn’t do anything bad enough to require surgery, just bad enough that the doc said I should stay off my feet for a while. I still tried to work my job, which I loved, at Buffalo Wild Wings, but walking 3-7 miles a day on a sprained ankle proved impossible, and the doc gave me orders for as little weight as possible on my foot for at least a month, and crutches, until I could go to an Ortho consult to see what was going on. Limited walking + crutches = no work in the restaurant until medically cleared. After my first Ortho appointment, I was told I’d need an MRI to see what was really going on with my foot. After the MRI, I had a followup appointment with Ortho, where they told me I’d have to wear a big ugly boot for a while, and do physical therapy, but I could go back to work wearing the boot, and I didn’t have to use crutches anymore. I was quite happy with the news, and immediately took the doctor’s note to work. This was on the weekend, and my manager said he would call me on Monday and let me know when/how I could come back to work. Monday and Tuesday came and went with no call, so I called on Wednesday, and the girl who answered the phone told me that the manager said he’d call me right back. And he did not. I’ve called multiple times since then, and he won’t take my call or call me back. And I’ve also gone in to the restaurant, and again, no response. I finally filed for unemployment and got approved, thank goodness, because it’s now been 3 months without pay. I’m really angry about how the BDubs management treated me, because I believe I was a good employee, and I really liked working there. I actually thought that I could make Buffalo Wild Wings a career, but now, I am just angry and disillusioned. On the occasions I went in to talk to management, most of the other employees were really happy to see me and asked repeatedly when I was coming back to work, because they needed my positive attitude there. While I would still like to go in on occasion to enjoy the food and see the people I worked with, because I miss them, I don’t really want to spend my money at a restaurant that would treat me so badly. So, I miss you, employees of BDubs Mission Valley, but I do not miss Robert Jones or any of the other managers there.