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Fuck the stupid VA and trying to get an appointment there.

You know what? Fuck the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) – U.S. Department of…‚Äč. I’m supposed to see my eye doctor every 6 months because my eyes are so screwed up. So, last time I left the clinic, I said the doc wanted me back in 6 months, and they said, oh, yeah, we’ll send you an appointment card in the mail. So, I got the appointment card, which says to call and make an appointment. But when I call, I’m told Dr. Lee doesn’t have anything available until 2016 and I should have made the appointment when I left the clinic the last time. “You’ll have to just make the appointment for the next time Dr. Lee has available, next year. I’ll transfer you to the appointment line.” Get on the appointment line, where the expected wait is over twenty minutes. Well, I already waited over half an hour this morning trying to get the stupid appointment in the first place. Fuck all of you people and your conflicting information, and thanks for NOT getting me in to get my eyes checked.